Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy *Love* Day 2013

My My ... How time flies!!!

What sweet little Valentine's I got to wake up to this morning <3 p="">

The boys have a Valentine's party at daycare today -- the theme is red or pink so we decked them out in some super cute Carters outfits and sent them on their way!!!

Things have been crazy in the May house (as usual - what do I expect with 3 busy boys + their daddy hehe).

Kystin is growing growing -- such a smart little guy. My favorite saying of his recently:
Kystin: I love you Mommy
Me: I love you too buddy
Kystin: I love you more
Me: I love you the most
Kystin: I love you the most and the most and the most and the most
Me: WOW! That's a lot ... I love you to the moon & back
Kystin: Mom, I don't speak spanish

Jensyn is quite the character and an ornery one at that!! He's so lucky he's so damn cute haha He has such a bright personality!! His favorite thing ever is picking on his big brother ... 2nd would be chocolate milk ... 3rd would be cuddling!!! I love it!!!

Ayden has been fighting bronchiolitis and ear infections for over a month now - lots of antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. We're hoping we're on the home stretch right now - he started no sleeping and that doesn't work well for either one of us. Even with being sick he sure is a smiley baby -- he can be super grumpy and you can still get a smile out of him :)

I love my boys!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let it snow ...

We got so much snow yesterday!!! It started snowing at about 8am and didn't stop ... So it was a snow "night" for my boys!!!
^Here's Daddy, Kyst & J all bundled up and ready to play :) ^

^Kyst loves the snow -- he'd stay outside all night if we let him :)
He wasn't out side 15 minutes before he dove into the snow lol

 Jensyn wasn't so sure about the snow when he first went outside lol and I think it's because he couldn't figure out how to walk in all of those clothes and big ol' snow boots hehe
Once Justin grabbed him by the hand and showed him "it's ok" he ran all over...
He only had 1 mishap -- he fell over forward and white washed himself which made him oh so mad - once Justin got him all cleaned up he was good to go again!!!
He's been fighting a little bit of an ongoing cold so I put on this Elmo hat to keep him a little warmer :)

^Had to throw this one in lol -- Justin hard at work!!!
 Ayden hasn't been feeling good -- we had him at the Dr a couple weeks ago and found out that he had a double ear infection and bronchiolitis which meant breathing treatments :( He started coughing again yesterday so him & Mommy hung out in the house playing on the couch! He's such a happy boy - when he's being held or when he can actually see you (we wont' discuss the rest of the time lol).

I love my boys sooooo much!!!

CCSO Winter Banquet 2013

CCSO Winter Banquet 2013

We had a blast at Justin's work party!!! 
We spent the night enjoying a wonderful dinner; playing Texas Hold 'em & 21 at Casino Night and visiting with co-workers :) Not to mention it was a blast getting all dolled up for the night!
I really am blessed to have such an amazing dedicated husband! 
I'm glad he's fulfilling his dream <3 br="br">

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Boys {k.j.a}

This is his normal pose these days :) Either with the iPod or iPad - he's a busy boy!

Our mischevious boy!!! Always up to something :)
Ayden Kolter
Baby boy #3 - he's spoiled rotten :)

Happy New Year 2013

{I will be uploading pics later to go along with this post!}

2012 is a blur for this May clan :) So much happened and we're looking forward to another amazing year for our family <3 p="p">
We started out 2012 with quite a surprise --- we thought our family of 4 was perfect and we were even more blessed when we found out we would have another addition (yes ... we know what causes it!) ... I think I heard that statement "you know what causes that right" more times than I could count! Either way Ayden is a true blessing & a perfect addition to our perfectly imperfect family!!!

Kystin celebrated his 3rd birthday in 2012 ... What an amazing boy he is! He has such a huge heart & big dream (he's going to be a cop AND a doctor when he grows up) ... He is the best big brother we could ever ask for to our other boys!

Jensyn celebrated his 1st birthday in 2012 ... He was a bit overwhelmed with the birthday party itself :) He is my hand full (to say the least) :) He has a way of making you extremely mad & laugh all at the same time! My favorite saying of 2012 "God made him so damn cute for a reason ... so he will see his next birthday!" He has a spunky personality with a big side of ornaryness!

Ayden joined our family in 2012 and what a blessing he is!!! He has acid reflux - once they diagnosed him with that and we put him on medicine we finally got to see the fun loving side of him :) He is cooing and enjoys looking at everyone and everything - "checking everything out!"

We truly are blessed with those 3 amazing boys. I look forward to blogging a lot in 2013 about our 3 boys -- even thought about changing the name of our blog to "3 under 4" but that's only fitting until March when Kyst turns 4 ... Another idea is "3 boys in 3 years" ... Please give me some input!!! I want to make 2013 about those 3 boys!!! :) Still hard to believe that I'm a Mommy of 3 ... 3 boys at that!

Yesterday as I sat at home -- Kystin was watching Ghostbusters & Jensyn and Ayden were napping I thought to myself what an amazing last 8 years we've had - ups and downs but full of blessings!
  • 2004/2005 New Years Eve - Justin & I met
  • 2005 Christmas Day - Justin asked me to marry him
  • 2006 We said "I DO"
  • 2007 Justin came home & we bought our house
  • 2008 Justin got his recall orders to go back into the USMC and we found out we were pregnant with Kystin
  • 2009 Kystin Dean May was born; Justin served his tour in Afghanistan & came home to us
  • 2010 Justin accepted his position at Canyon County Sheriff's Office & we found out we were expecting another baby (sadly we lost that angel baby but I'm a firm believe in "everything happens for a reason")
  • 2011 We found out we were adding on to the family & got to meet Jensyn Gunnar "baby j"
  • 2012 We found out we were adding on to our family again & got to meet Ayden Kolter
Not a year goes by for our family that we don't get to look back on everything and see how truly blessed we are!

I look forward to adding on exciting events for 2013 -- we just don't know what those are yet. We've set a goal for ourselves to be able to have our finances in order by the end of the year & making 2014 the year that we build our own house!!! So excited for that adventure :)

I look forward to keeping everyone up to date and excited for the New Year!!!

*Here's to an amazing 2013*



Have I been neglecting my blog or what ....

Well I'm back and will be making it a goal to update our blog at least once a month but hopefully closer to once a week -- even if it's just a cute pics of the kiddo's!!! I've decided to start focusing my blogs on the kiddo's with a little bit about Justin & I as a bonus (lol) ...

So here's to an amazing 2013!!!

{2013 blog focus -- 3 kids in 3 years} :-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Welcome baby Ayden Kolter May

Ayden Kolter May
6lbs 11oz
19inches long
We would like to welcome baby Ayden to our amazing little family!!! So excited to finally meet this little miracle baby!
Ayden made quite the appearance into our lives -- here's his birth story:
Friday, August 24th started out as a simple day for our family! We had some running around to do - some grocery shopping - and enjoy some Daddy time before Justin had to head to work. At about 11am I started not feeling well and having small contractions - I had contractions the few weeks before this so I just "assumed" the contractions were going to go away ... Justin got ready for work at 5pm and my contractions were about a minute or 2 apart and getting stronger and I didn't feel comfortable hanging out at home with Kyst & J by myself so my Aunt Wanda came over - she got there just before 6 and I was having a hard time talking through my contractions so I called the Dr and she said it was time to head to the hospital "just to get checked". I called Justin at work (I couldn't have timed it better - his shift started at 6:00pm & I called him at 6:05pm) ... I finished packing my bag ... The contractions were getting worse so I finished cooking dinner & got some served up for Jensyn (Kyst wasn't hungry) and finished packing their diaper bag *just in case*. Justin got home and I couldn't stand up through my contractions any more - as my contractions were strong I told Justin "IT'S TIME TO GO" and as they went away I'd say "WE NEED TO GO IN BUT THEY'LL PROBABLY JUST SEND ME HOME" ... As we were on our way to the hospital we got stuck behind every slow car we could - I was becoming a little impatient LOL We finally got to the hospital and my contractions were consistant back-to-back so I told Justin don't let me stop walking through these lets just get to the 2nd floor ... We got up to the 2nd floor at 7:16pm and they brought me straight back to the triage room - I changed into the super fancy hospital gown in about 30 seconds, the nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 7 -- it was time to be admitted to the hospital, Justin was getting ready to text everyone to let them know baby Ayden was going to be here soon ... WHEN ... All of a sudden my water broke (for lack of better words exploded) and I could tell at that very second that Ayden was going to be there any second -- Justin pushed the call light as I hollered "NURSE". Leah (the nurse) came rushing in, got 1 glove on and voila baby Ayden was born -- she laid him on my stomach and looked at the clock and it was 7:20pm ... YEP that's right - 4 minutes from walking in the door our sweet little bundle of joy was born!!!
It was all quite a blur :) I was going to have Ayden "without" any drugs (epidural) and by the time we got to the hospital I was ok with getting the epidural ... He made such a fast entrance that I got my way and had an all natural delivery...
What an amazing experience for Justin & I -- we had always had quite a group of people there with us during Kystin & Jensyn's deliveries then all of a sudden our little baby Ayden had to join the world with such surprise just as the pregnancy itself was!
A huge THANK YOU to everyone that helped us out with Kystin & Jensyn (Aunt Wanda, Kim, Ray, Connor, Mom & Dad) and to everyone that came up to the hospital to meet our newest addition!!!
We feel truly blessed to have 3 amazingly perfect baby boys!!!
*Kystin Dean ~ Jensyn Gunnar ~ Ayden Kolter*